The Valle Aurina and its many facets

The charm of the “Teldra”

The mentality of the people of the Valle Aurina can be summed up in a few words:
when everyone says that something is impossible, usually a “Teldra” comes along and makes it possible.

Just like that. So, do you want to get to know us a little better?

The Hofer family
from close up

Family photo

The host and the
pillar of the hotel

Plus 40 years of professional experience, but that certainly doesn’t mean retiring, staying in bed all day and lazing around. Quite the opposite: things are done differently here in the Valle Aurina. Especially if you have hotelier genes like Martha …


Former queen of the kitchen (30 years!) | Green fingers that couldn’t be greener | The only quality control that Manuel trusts (a true tasting expert) | A true hotelier always happy to listen | Her homemade cakes and delicacies leave everyone in awe at the breakfast buffet


Jessica and Manuel

| The successors and the
new generation*

*but definitely not newbies anymore!

Manuel & Jessica

Hotel Sonnleiten and STOCHAS: these have been their pet projects, their jewels, for ten years now. Together with Martha and Karl and 15 keen employees, they treat their guests to a sustainable and simply wonderful stay with enthusiasm, commitment and boundless optimism.

pride and joy!

We love to make our guests feel like they are at home here at Sonnleiten. For all the people who come and stay again, we become more like their second home than a hotel! For them it is not so much about going on holiday as having a change of scenery. Here with us, in the Aurina Valley. We are really proud of this.

This is just beautiful