Gift vouchers for your loved ones

How about giving someone some happiness?

Still not able to find the perfect gift? That little extra for your stay? Something truly special? You can give the following offers as a gift voucher, or book them as an extra during your stay.

A special day with special treats:
birthday special

Brighten the birthday of your loved ones or simply treat yourself!
Extra services for your birthday surprise:


Have a happy meal:
lunch at the Stochas

Anyone who knows the Stochas knows it well: everything is simply delicious here!
Those who do not know it yet, should definitely book a table in our restaurant: luckily there are our gift vouchers!


You can keep your hat on:
“Chapeau” in winter

(culinary package)

Don’t worry. You won’t find a straw hat on your plate. At the most there will be some fragrant hay as a topping.
Not sure what to expect? Find out – with us at the Stochas!


Nice Meat-ing you:
Meat Tasting in summer

(culinary package)

Warning, not suitable for vegetarians! Rare, medium or well done? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s done properly!
We could argue about the taste, but not about the high quality of our meat.


Have a hike and a lunch break:
packed lunch for hikes

We can prepare you a delicious brunch with lots of treats to give you that extra boost on your hike.

Lunch Pack

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