Gourmet Alpin Hotel Sonnleiten | Your holiday in the Valle Aurina / Ahrntal

Gourmet Alpin Hotel Sonnleiten | Your holiday in the Valle Aurina

Feel at home

We, the inhabitants of the Valle Aurina, are a little different.
We are well aware of this fact and all other South Tyroleans attest to it. We are lively, plain-speaking, occasionally impetuous, direct in our ways and words, but always with our heart in the right place.

If we were to describe us, the “Teldra“, in one word, it would be “authentic“. Because there is already too much that is fake in the world. And so we said to ourselves: “Why not create an authentic holiday experience?”
No sooner said than done. Welcome to our Alpin Gourmet Hotel Sonnleiten in Cadipietra, the Valle Aurina.

Your very own
recipe for the holidays

Choose the ingredients. Mix. Customise. And you’ll get your holiday cocktail. Perfect in every way. *
These are the ingredients for happiness, or indeed for a wonderful holiday in the Valle Aurina!
*Including cocktail umbrellas.

Vacation recipe


13 comfortable rooms in Valle Aurina + your favourite room + 1 pinch of scent of stone pine = refined MountainStyle and great freedom of movement.

Rooms & more

Cozy rooms

The magic
of snow

1 ski pass + 76 kilometres of slopes + 100% fun + the ski lift practically on the doorstep = get out of bed, walk out the door and take on the Klausberg ski area.

A winter wonderland

Location map - Sonnleiten

Keep calm and go
to Stochas

It is worth knowing a little of the dialect of the Valle Aurina during your stay at the Stochas:
“Obo lama nö oans, söi?” (= it really is the last) say our villagers – more than once – at the Stochas bar. And indeed, how can you resist the craft beer, casual cocktails and legendary house drinks?
Lama goffn: Stochas Cinema
An unusual lounge
Fantastic events
Your wedding location


Beautifully scented
wild flowers

1 ladle of 80 peaks over three thousand metres + 1 extra dose of sun = 365 days of natural wellness in the Valle Aurina.

Summer adventures


Delicious food
all ready to be savoured

1 energising cup of coffee + 50 Shades of Tea + 4 dishes of delicacies + 1 young chef with many great ideas = “vital” fine dining at our “Vita” gourmet restaurant.

Dishes prepared with love

Young vegetables

Seen and liked –
or maybe drink up?

Getting to know
the inhabitants of the valley!

Can you imagine them dressed in “lederhosen” and “dirndl”? Well, it’s the picture painted in kitsch novels and soap operas.
But by attending our events and rubbing shoulders with the residents you can get to know the real, authentic and traditional Valle Aurina as it is lived today with conviction and pride.

The Teldra Experience

Real Teldra