The Teldra Experience

Events and adventures

Forget the to-do-lists: here you can enjoy real experiences every day.
Get to know our beautiful valleys of Tures and Aurina in every respect: culture, food, humour, dialect, villages and of course us, the locals. Don’t worry, you don’t need to climb the 3,000-metre peaks to experience an all-round “Teldra Experience”.


Food, Drinks & Music

Winter events


Queens of Goasleitn Europacup

15th and 16th December 2023
Pure adrenaline kick, at the FIS Europa Cup women's slalom races in the Valle Aurina. The best female skiers and ski stars fight for victory on the black slope "Goasleitn". Two exciting races, a unique mountain backdrop and lots of "Teldra Lifestyle" await you!

Summer events



Saturday - Sunday

Our hearty breakfast buffet is served from 8:00 to 11:00 am - there are some real delicacies!

Lets rock together


from 5:00 pm

on the roof terrace of the ÖBMAU

An evening of cheating - Sonnleiten

An evening of cheating

À la Carte pleasure at the Stochas
(book one day in advance)
for an extra charge

Let’s eat together - Sonnleiten

Let’s eat together

Lunch at Stochas
from 11.30 a.m.

The cocktail bar is open until midnight
Thursday is the closing day
Exclusively for guests from the Sonnleiten: Free access to the rooftop terrace

Cucina della Mamma - Sonnleiten

Cucina della Mamma

1 time per week at the hotel
Enjoy Mamma Martha's legendary “Krapfen” and specialities from the Ahrntal
Just like in the old days: the main course is placed in the middle of the table and everyone can help themselves and eat heartily.

Get to better know the Teldra

Add this to your
Hiking Bucket List!

Higher up at Lenkl…

Chris is one of the most charismatic innkeepers in the Valle Aurina. In winter you can find him at Stochas, where he manages the roof terrace with great nonchalance and casual jokes. In summer, however, you have to go to the Giogo Lungo mountain hut (the “Lenkl” or Lenkjöchl) to meet him. P.S. Ask Chris to make his special pasta for you, and you won’t regret it!

Hut host Lenkl

Steady hands
and a cheerful attitude!

A wood carver in a league of his own …

When you think of a wood carver, nativity scenes, crucifixes and all kinds of artistic figures come to mind.
The carver Klaus certainly does all this, but also much more: various souvenirs from the Valle Aurina, such as the lung machine, the Hui-Hui machine, the Aha machine or the ring game. See for yourself!

Wood carver Klaus

…other than a nice
glass of grappa and a little speck!

You don’t need
much in life …

The Speck & Schnapsalm hut is well worth a visit in the winter, when skilled DJs mix lively music on the terrace from lunchtime into the evening. There is pretty much something going on all the time at this hut. Sepp is a keen farmer and innkeeper. At his place you can enjoy a plate of delicious pressed “canederli” dumplings typical of the valley while admiring a beautiful view of the mountains. *
* You will find this recipe only in the Aurina Valley and nowhere else!

Speck and Schnaps hut